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Praise is Not an Option

With all the serious topics I have been writing about, I prayed and asked the Lord if I could do a fun blog. He led me to a blog that I wrote 8 year ago and I feel led to share it with you today.  I hope you enjoy.


Praise is not an option and I am slowly learning this truth. It doesn’t matter how I feel or if I want to praise God, I must do it because he is worthy of ALL glory, honor and praise. When Jesus was on the road to the Mount of Olives riding on the back of a colt, the Bible says that the whole multitude of disciples were rejoicing and praising God for all the mighty works they had seen. The pharisees told Jesus to rebuke His disciples but he told them if they should be quiet the stones would immediately cry out! (Luke 19:37-40)

When we read about all of the miracles Jesus performed while He was here on earth, each time the people praised God. All through the Psalms we find praises to God. With as many times as the word praise is in the Bible I think it is a high order and a mandate to us because it is in the praises where miracles happen. It is in the secret place where it’s just you and the Lord and you are just praising Him and right there – He lifts you out of whatever ugly mess you might be in and He dusts you off and sets you back up on your feet.

Without praise, we cannot enter this place of safety and security where we are hidden in Christ. We must praise God, not because of what He will do for us but for what He has already done for us 2000 years ago when Jesus suffered a horrible death for you and me to be able to live with Him for all eternity.

Each day I learn more and more about God’s grace and I refuse to be quiet anymore and allow my circumstances to cause me not to praise because I don’t need any stones to cry out and praise my God when I am fully capable of praising Him on my own. So my prayer today is that I will always remember to praise God regardless of how I feel because to praise Him is not an option but an honor to our Lord and Savior who alone is worthy of our praise. Thank you Lord for bringing this truth to me today.